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Zero Fighter L033 sailplanes:
Wing Span: 47.2in/1200mm;
Wing Area: 20.7sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 30in/762mm;
Flying Weight: : 820g;
Radio: 2Channels 2Servos;
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Wing span: 70.9in/1800mm;
Wing area: 64sq. Dm;
Length: 68.1in/1730mm;
Flying weight: 4600-4800g;
Engine: 2cycle 90-108, 4cycle 91-120, or 26-30CC gas engine; (purchase ...
The specification is as tabled below

Dongguan Flight Model Co., Ltd. was founded in February, 2000 and is located in Chang′an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Our ...
Spitfire-60 F004:
Wing Span: 64.9in/1650mm;
Wing Area: 45.5sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 53.1in/1350mm;
Flying Weight: : 3100-3200g;
Engine: 2cycle 60, 4cycle 91; (purchase ...
Canister muffler accessories
Sparrow-E L039 sailplanes:

Wing Span: 59in/1500mm;
Wing Area: 26.6sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 41.7in/1060mm;
Flying Weight: : 1200g;
Radio: 2Channels 2Servos;
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
F014 YAK-54 50CC R/C airplane
Wing span: 85in/2160mm;
Wing area: 1407sq. In/90.8sq. Dm;
Length: 80.4in/2050mm;
Flying weight: 6000-6200g;
Engine: 50CC Gas;
Radio: ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
DLE30 Canister muffler
M085 MXS-R 57

Wing span: 57"/1450mm;
Wing area: 38.6sq. Dm;
Length: 57"/1442mm;
Radio: 4Channels 4Servos;
Outrunner brushless motors;
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
The specification is as tabled below
The specification of Super Decathlon:

Wing span: 96in/2438mm;
Wing area: 134sq. Dm; Length: 63.5in/1614mm;
Weight: 5144G;
Engine: 28-35CC (purchase separately)
Radio: ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Wing span: 55"/1400mm;
Wing area: 48sq. Dm;
Length: 57"/1457mm;
Engine: 2cycle 46-52; 4cycle 60-70
Radio: 6channels 5servos; Glow & electric RC model;
Outrunner brushless ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Name: Katana 100CC F008 gasoline RC airplane model

Wing Span: 106.1in/2695mm;

Wing Area: 136sq. Dm;

Length: 93.3in/2370mm;

Flying Weight: 11700-12700g;

Radio: ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
BH50 50CC Gas engine Specification

Type: 2cycle pistion valve type gasoline engine for airplane only
Displacement: 50.8CC
Bore * Stroke: 43mm * 35mm
Dry Weight: 1498g (Do not ...
Wing Span: 55in/1400mm;
Wing Area: 37.6sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 53.5in/1360mm;
Flying Weight: : 2200g;
Engine: 2cycle 46; (purchase separately)
Radio: 4Channels 5Servos; ...
DLE170 170CC Gas engine Specification

Idle Speed: 1100 rpm/min
Static Thrust 35Kg / 100 meters Altitude
Static Thrust 31.5Kg / 1800 meters Altitude
The ...
50CC 100CC Exhaust pipe
Courage-10 F063 RC airplane:
Wing Span: 59.4in/1510mm;
Wing Area: 37.4sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 46.4in/1180mm;
Flying Weight: : 2150g;
Engine: 2cycle 30-40; (purchase ...
DLE55 canister meffler
Discus-711 L037 sailplanes:
Wing Span: 157.4in/4000mm;
Wing Area: 66.6sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 66.8in/1698mm;
Flying Weight: : 3800g;
Radio: 2Channels 2Servos;
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Mini Angel L031 sailplanes:
Wing Span: 103in/2618mm;
Wing Area: 39sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 48in/1220mm;
Flying Weight: : 1800g;
Radio: 4Channels 4Servos;
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
55CC Smoke device
Wing Span:76.8"/1950mm;
Wing Area:71.8sq.Dm;
Fuselage Length:73.5"/1867.3mm;
Radio(Electric):6Channels 5Servos;
Radio(Gas):6Channels 6-7Servos;(purchase separately) ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Cessna-60 F0281:

Wing Span: 67.7in/1720mm;
Wing Area: 40sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 51.2in/1300mm;
Flying Weight: : 3100-3200g;
Engine: 2cycle 60, 4cycle 91; (purchase ...
Calmato Sport 40 F068 RC plane:

Wing Span: 61in/1550mm;
Wing Area: 42.3sq. Dm;
Fuselage Length: 55.1in/1400mm;
Flying Weight: : 2440-2660g;
Engine: 2cycle 46; (purchase ...
DLE55 canister muffler

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